Hi, I'm Chris. Let's chat.

I've been around the block, from Web development to data center engineering... and I play well with others. My favorite tools help me automate, and I love getting my hands dirty.


I've had the pleasure of working at amazing companies such as Facebook, and the PlayStation division at Sony. I currently work with Chef and other DevOps tools as one of the founders of FumiWare, and as a senior sysadmin at Crunchyroll.


I live and work in San Francisco, on the other side of a big red bridge from where I grew up. My favorite things include anime, cats, iOS jailbreaking, and music games. My minute of fame is in a YouTube video that's been watched over 4 million times, and I'm training to graduate from a half marathon runner to a full marathon runner.


Connect with me on LinkedIn to discuss career opportunities, but please mention how you found me. My social accounts are also linked along the bottom of this page's menu.